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What Is The Quality Of Industrial Conveying Chain?

Wuyi Shuangjia Chain Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

Industrial conveyor chains are used in industrial chains, which are used for industrial transport, such as the chains used on transport equipment are industrial conveyor chains. Buy industrial Conveyor chain when to see what time can buy a good industrial conveyor chain, the following are a few commonly used methods.

1, from the industrial conveyor chain appearance:

The main point is to see whether the link to the deformation of the situation, there is a rift, rust and other problems, in addition to the peg, roller, the number of the number of components can be normal, there is no loose deformation, wear cracks, and the situation is to check the chain in the use of the time will be issued other voices, or the appearance of abnormal vibration, and to ensure that the chain has a good smooth situation.

2, precise measurement of the length of the chain:

Measure the center distance between two sprocket and see if the standard is reached, and the accuracy of measurable is ensured in the measurement process.

3, to measure the elongation of the chain

For the sake of the clearance of the chain, the demand on the chain to impose a certain pulling tension to stop measurement, in order to ensure that the results of the measurement of the error less, should be based on the practical situation in the appropriate position to stop measuring, and then the elongation at the extreme.

A high-quality industrial conveyor chain, not only the use of a long time, long life, but also better to achieve industrial transmission needs, complete transmission work, which is why we want to choose high-quality industrial conveyor chains. The next time you want to see the quality of the industrial conveyor chain, you can judge from these aspects.

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