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How To Solve The Elastic Problem Of Industrial Conveying Chain?

Wuyi Shuangjia Chain Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

Industrial conveyor chain at work for a period of time, or when debugging, sometimes feel often loose or tight, if you find such a problem, how to solve it, that is, the industrial chain of the elastic problem how to deal with it?

To solve the industrial transport chain elastic Here are summarized in two ways, can be for reference.

Firstly, because of the deviation of tooth pitch, and the small batch processing, it is difficult to guarantee the actual effect, including the diameter and roundness index.

Second, once the chain of pitch deviation, can be improved by replacing the chain, to pay attention to more than a few to achieve the best results. As a standard part, this possible probability of occurrence is minimal.

Industrial chain when loose tight, may have a certain error in the industrial transport, if the error is more serious, you can choose to replace the chain, if not very serious, may wish to see if the debugging can be solved.

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