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How To Adjust The Motorcycle Chain Correctly?

Wuyi Shuangjia Chain Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

(1) Adjusting the tightness of the motorcycle chain to keep the 15mm~20mm appropriate in the timely manner, often check the buffer bearing and on time add grease, because the bearing working environment is worse, once the loss of lubrication, the damage may be enormous, bearing once damaged, will cause the rear gear plate tilt, light, the tooth plate chain side wear, heavy, easy to cause the chain to fall off.

(2) Adjust the chain, in addition to the frame chain adjusted to adjust the calibration, also applied eye observation before and after the tooth disc and the chain is in the same line, because the frame or rear fork if suffered damage. The frame or the rear fork is damaged after deformation, and then adjust the chain of scale will enter a misunderstanding, mistakenly think that the tooth disc chain in the same straight line, in fact, the linearity has been destroyed, so this check is very important (preferably to remove the chain box), in case the problem should be corrected immediately, exempt from trouble, to ensure foolproof.

(3) Replace the tooth tray chain must pay attention to the replacement of good materials fine craft quality products (General special maintenance station fittings more formal), so that can prolong their service life. Must not cheap and buy unqualified products, especially tooth disc unqualified products, eccentric lost more than the park, once purchased replacement, will find the chain suddenly tight loose, the consequence difficult to material.

(4) Regular check the rear fork cushion rubber sleeve with the pulley and fork shaft coordination clearance, because of the requirements of the rear fork and the frame of the transverse clearance of rigorous, and the upper and lower movement flexibility, only in this way to ensure that the rear fork and the frame can not only form one and not affect the shock absorber effect. The rear fork and the frame of the connection is achieved through the wheel shaft, at the same time with a cushion rubber sleeve, because of the current domestic cushion product quality is not very stable, so it is particularly prone to loose phenomenon. The joint site once a loose, motorcycle start or acceleration of the rear wheels in the chain will be diverted, the displacement of the size of the cushion by the extent of damage. At the same time, the rear wheels have obvious motion rejection. This is one of the important reasons causing the damage of the chain tooth disc. Should be more inspected and noticed.

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