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Brief Introduction Of Motorcycle Chains

Wuyi Shuangjia Chain Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

1. Sprocket mounted on the shaft should not skew and swing. In the same transmission assembly, the end surfaces of two sprocket should be located in the same plane, the sprocket center distance of 0.5 meters below, allowable deviation of 1 mm; Sprocket center distance of 0.5 meters above, allow deviation of 2 mm. But the friction sprocket tooth flank phenomenon is not allowed, if the two rounds of the transfer too much easier to produce off-chain and accelerated wear. You must pay attention to check and adjust the offset when replacing the sprocket.

2. The tightness of lifting chain should be suitable, too tight to increase power consumption, bearing easy wear, too loose chain and easy to beat. The degree of tightness of the chain is: from the middle of the chain lifting or pressing, the center distance of the two sprocket is about 2%-3%.

3. The new lifting chain is too long or after use elongation, it is difficult to adjust, can see the situation dismantling the chain, but must be even. The chain should be traversed from the back of the chain, the locking piece is inserted outside, the opening of the locking piece should be in the opposite direction.

4. After the sprocket wear serious, should simultaneously replace the new sprocket and the new chain, to ensure good engagement. You cannot replace a new chain or sprocket alone. Otherwise, the meshing will not accelerate the wear of new chains or sprocket. The sprocket tooth surface wear to a certain extent, should be used in time to turn the surface (refers to adjustable surface of the sprocket). To lengthen the use of time.

5. The old lifting chain can not be mixed with some new chains, otherwise it will be easy to impact in the transmission, pull the chain.

6. Lifting chain in the work to remember to add lubricating oil timely. Lubricating oils must enter the mating clearance between the rollers and the inner sleeve to improve working conditions to reduce abrasion.

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