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What should be noticed when conveying chain selection and use

Wuyi Shuangjia Chain Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

Conveyor chain is an indispensable part of machinery and equipment, it relates to the daily production efficiency and quality of the equipment, and the lubrication of the chain is also very important, but we can not blindly apply all lubricating oil to the chain, we should be based on external conditions and occasions to lubricate the chain, chain and chain to cooperate with the work, we require that the lubricant should be pure no impurities, or lubricants in the chain will cause granular impurities or corrosion and other conditions, For the normal work of the chain to bring unnecessary trouble, so that it does not work properly, thus reducing the efficiency of the equipment, so we must pay attention to the chain in peacetime maintenance.

In addition, we should pay attention to the correct use of the chain in the day-to-day operation, otherwise the chain will increase the burden and wear, choose a good large chain manufacturers are also crucial.

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