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What are the methods of motorcycle chain maintenance

Wuyi Shuangjia Chain Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

Motorcycle chains need to be well lubricated and minimize sediment damage, and the less the sediment wear smaller. In rural countryside silt road is a half-chain-box motorcycle, the road conditions are not good, especially in the rainy days, its chain of sediment on more, inconvenient cleaning, and increased the driving resistance, also accelerated the chain wear. Between the tire chain with a galvanized iron plate and fixed on the fender, dozen two holes with a small screw fixation This makes the tire belt of sediment separated by tin.

The tightness of the motorcycle drive chain is not only related to the service life of the transmission part, if the adjustment is improper, but also can cause the motorcycle to drive at high speed after the wheel swing, so that the car "float" feeling, serious this can also cause accidents. Adjusting the chain is to pay attention to the following points:

First, after releasing the rear axle bolt, the adjustment screws of the left and right sides are loose or tight to the same circle number.

Second, want to loosen the chain, first loosen the rear axle and adjust the screws after the wheel to push forward the side.

Third, adjust appropriate, the front wheel pendulum, with a project line in the front and rear wheels on a pull, if the front and rear wheels are affixed to a straight line, that is to adjust correctly, otherwise it will need to readjust, this is the key to prevent the car floating serves a trick.

1, the inspection method with the main support of the motorcycle, tread variable speed pedal into neutral position, the chain, the swing, check its pendulum Cheng Ying in 10~20mm, such as not in this scope, should be adjusted

2. Adjusting method

A, loosen the rear axle locking nut, loosen the brake adjusting nut after loose

b, loosen the chain regulator locking Nut

c, clockwise rotation adjustment bolt, reduce the chain of swing counterclockwise rotation adjustment bolt, increase the chain swing to adjust the chain to the 10~20mm scope

---Note: The left and right chain regulator scales should be the same

If adjusted, the chain regulator scale is in the last lattice, indicating that the chain of excessive wear and tear, should be replaced with large, small sprocket and chain

D. Check the tightness of the chain, tighten the adjusting bolt of the chain regulator, tighten the rear axle locking nut

If there is a chain of oil shortage should be lubricated, in general, each driving 500km should be cleaned and lubricated once

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