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Talking about the use of motorcycle chain oil

Wuyi Shuangjia Chain Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

Motorcycle chains will stick to dust after a period of time, and generally require lubricating oil. According to the oral transmission of the majority of the friends, the main methods of three kinds:

1. Use waste oil.

2, with the waste oil and butter and other self-control.

3. Use special chain oil.

The analysis is as follows:

1. Use waste oil. Advantage: Save money, the effect of lubrication can also be. Disadvantage: Will dump the rear tire and the frame, cause pollution, especially the oil dumped on the tire, how much will have certain corrosive effect on the tire. In addition, dump the oil on the tire, will also make the rear wheel skidding, affecting the safety of the road.

2, use the waste oil and butter and other see the chain of oil. Benefit: Save money, don't dump it. Disadvantage: Bad lubrication effect, will add motorcycle chain wear.

3, use special motorcycle chain oil. Advantage: Good lubrication effect, will not dump tire, driving safety. Disadvantage: More expensive, generally 30-100 yuan a bottle. In addition, from the economic point of view, because the lubrication effect is good, can reduce the chain energy loss, reduce fuel consumption, to save money. Chain oil dosage is very few, if every 500-1000 kilometers add a chain oil, generally a bottle of chain oil can be used 10-20 times, that is, can be used about 5000-20000 kilometers. Therefore, the use of chain oil savings in gasoline, generally more than the purchase of chain oil money.

In addition, the use of good chain oil, the purpose is to make motorcycles safe and normal driving, not only to protect the chain. Therefore, it is not meaningful to compare the price of chain and chain oil. The use of motorcycle chain oil should be like replacing oil, is a routine maintenance.

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