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Overview of the characteristics of conveyor chain plate machine

Wuyi Shuangjia Chain Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

1, chain conveyor conveyor surface smooth, small friction, the transfer of materials between the transmission line smooth, can transport all kinds of glass bottles, pet bottles, cans and other materials, can also transport all kinds of luggage.

2, the chain of stainless steel and engineering plastics, such as materials, specifications of a wide variety, according to the transport materials and process requirements, can meet the different needs of all walks of life.

3, conveying capacity, can carry large loads, such as for electric vehicles, motorcycles, generators and other industries;

4, the transmission speed is accurate and stable, can guarantee the precise synchronous transmission.

5, chain-plate conveyor can be directly washed or soaked in water in general. The equipment is clean and convenient, can satisfy the food and beverage industry to the hygiene request.

6, flexible equipment layout. You can finish horizontal, tilt, and turn on a conveyor line.

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